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Ezumezu Iyiom Igbere
(Excerpt from Igbere Mirror Magazine)

From time immemorial, Igbere women have always   
made significant contribution towards the
development of the community. They have aways
been organized in one form or the other, respected
the cultures and traditions of the community and
the same time promoted it in unimaginable fashion.
Despite several challenging times that threaten
peaceful coexistence and social interaction, the
women always come out with innovative ideas that
promote unity and at the same time protect the core
belief of the Igbere people. They recognized the role
of the guardians of Igbere heritage and the custodians
of the traditions of the people.                                               
Elder (Mrs.) Eunice U. Ijioma

“Formerly referred to as the Women’s Wing of Igbere Welfare Union, the Ezumezu Inyom
Igbere is an organization of all adult women married or  single”, according to Elder Mrs.
Eunice Ijioma JP.  Like their male counterpart, they hold meetings in various regions
where Igbere people reside, as a segment of local IWU branch.

On April, 1987 and during a courtesy visit to the former first lady of former Imo State, her
Excellency Barr. Amaka Ikwechegh, the idea to create National Wing of IWU manifested.
Consequently, a meeting was convened at the residence of Elder Mrs. Chinyere Eke,
which brought together executives of various branches of IWU Women’s Wing.

Thereafter, the women elected the first officers of the national body as follows: Elder Mrs.
Chinyere Eke, (President), Elder Mrs. Nnenna Onwuso (Vice President), Mrs. Mercy
Ukaegbu (Secretary), Mrs. Rose Anya (Assistant Secretary), Mrs. Erinma Ejie
(Treasurer). Most of the meetings of this association were held in Aba and Igbere.

During the period 1990 - 1994, the association suffered a big setback due to communal
misunderstanding. However, on November 4th, 1997, the women reconvened as
Ezumezu Iyiom Igbere under the leadership of Elder Mrs. Eunice Ijioma JP (President).
Other officers that piloted the affairs of the association are Mrs. Nnenna Onwusogh (Vice
President), Mrs. Mercy O Ejieke (Secretary, Elder Ori Abel (Assistant Secretary), Mrs
Rose Anya (Financial Secretary) and Mrs. Erinma Uche (Provost). The reactivation
brought some significant changes and integrated many more branches including Igbere
home branch. Some of the achievements of Ezumezu Inyom Igbere include but not
limited to:
  1. Helped to restore peace in Igbere
  2. Procurement of 40 acres of land at Ozuitem for palm plantation to help home
  3. Giving soft loans to less privileged women to help in supporting their families.
Igbere Welfare Union (Women), Abuja Branch
Aba Branch of Igbere Welfare Union (Women)
Enugu Branch of Igbere Welfare Union (Women)
Abuja Branch of Igbere Welfare Union (Women) on parade during Igbere Ezumezu
Elder (Mrs.) Eunice Ijioma
Cross Section of Abuja Branch
Aba Branch on Parade
Cross Section of Enugu Branch
Abuja Branch on Parade
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