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Chief Mike Awa, President, IPAI.

Happy Anniversary

The great members of Igbere Progressive
Association International, Inc (IPAI), elders,
brothers and sisters, September 1, 2008 marks
the first year anniversary of IPAI.  Life is too
short, who could easily believe that a year has
passed after our great convention in Atlanta,
Georgia last year (September 1-2, 2007).
Chief Mike Awa
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Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
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members and Board of Directors were elected and inaugurated as provided in the adopted
and ratified IPAI constitution - presented by the members of Caretaker Committee that
worked so hard and smart to execute the assignments given to them in Houston during
the first Igbere people in Diaspora convention in 2005.

Most of the time it appears easier to create, form, or bring into being than to nurture,
maintain, improve or keep the initial spirit level alive and progressive.  The Executive
Committee members are fully aware of these difficulties and instead of being discouraged
are determined to lay a great foundation. Their result oriented services and contributions
have led to the growth of IPAI many ways, some of which are:  
  • IPAI has provided an excellent platform for the illustrious sons and daughters of
    Igbere in Diaspora to interact and rejoice with one another, and comfort each
    other and maintain that Igbere brotherhood which is the bedrock of Igbere people.
  • The Executive Committee has played important roles in encouraging the formation
    of local IPAI chapters, collaboration and the growth of the foundation chapters.
  • Now, there are five active chapters in USA (namely: Pacific Coast, Southeast, DC
    Metro Area, New York and Texas), one chapter in Canada (Toronto), and one
    chapter in United Kingdom (London).
  • Individual members spread across the world including Spain, Netherlands,
    Australia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Germany, Finland etc.  More chapters are
    expected to e created and Igbere person is encouraged to come on board in
    accordance with IPAI constitution.  

I am also using this opportunity to stress that IPAI membership is open to all Igbere sons
and daughters in Diaspora as stipulated in the IPAI constitution.  Please you are
encouraged to form a local chapter if none exist which you may join and identify with
IPAI all in accordance with the IPAI constitution.

Preparation for the first proposed free medical project in Igbere during the Ezumezu
2008, in December by IPAI is in full gear.  It is being planned to take the form of
providing some medical supplies (medicine and materials) to the existing four community
Health Centers namely in Amaiyi, Okafia, Umuisi and Amaofufe, respectively.  The
second part would be the general medical screening for high blood pressure, diabetes
etc.  Members of IPAI in medical profession are encouraged to identify with this project
and those that would be at Igbere during the Ezumezu ’08 in December to contact the
Chairperson Mrs. Chinyere Johnnson Ikema immediately because time is of essence so
that the Project Planning Committee would be able to conclude all the necessary
arrangements for the execution of this great important program.  Even if you are not in
medical profession but would be in Igbere in December, please contact her.

The preparation for the second IPAI convention scheduled for July 24 – 26, 2009, in the
great city of Washington D.C. being hosted by IPAI Washington D.C. - Maryland
chapter (also called DC Metro Area Chapter) is in progress under the able Chairmanship
of Mr. Lekwa O. Lekwa for the national organizing committee and Chief Daniel Eke
(Onwa I of Igbere) for the local chapter organizing committee.  These individuals are
highly committed and respected IPAI members determined to make positive marks in our
community.  They are leading two committees (Cultural & Social Committee and
Washington DC 2009 Organizing Committee respectively) with members dedicated to
IPAI cause and determined to make Ezumezu ’09 to be a great success.  Please let us
support them.  

IPAI has a great website ( courtesy of Mr. Ukaegbu Ukaegbu our able
Secretary who designed and developed the website. He has continued not only to be
innovative and creative on its update but meanwhile maintains the website free.  Latest
information, news and events of IPAI are available at this website. It would be
appreciated if member submit articles, photos and video about and relating to Igbere and
suitable for publication on the website. Thank you Ukay!

Currently, the IPAI financial status is very encouraging as members (over 80 financial
members) have continued to fulfill their financial obligations to IPAI.  Meanwhile, IPAI
Chapters such as Pacific Coast, Texas, Southeast, DC Metro Area, New York and
Canada have submitted members’ registration dues as required by the IPAI constitution.  
I cannot thank each and every one of us enough.  Remember together and with
determination we will get things done.  Let us all identify with these good causes in good
spirit of our great fore fathers and remain united.  IPAI is bigger than any one of us; it
should never be about any individual but about Igbere and Igbere people.  As we came
together in Atlanta to light the touch of love and unity may our interest never wane and
our determinations never weaken as we match forward to lay an enduring foundation for
our children and for posterity.

What we have done so far could not have been possible without the supports and
positive contributions of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and all the
standing committees’ members.  In closing I will leave you with this quote by Aristotle,
“We are what we repeatedly do”.  Please be a proud member of Igbere Progressive
Association International.  God bless Igbere.

Chief Mike C. K. Awa, P.E.
Omezi Mba I of Igbere
Executive President, IPAI
A message from IPAI Executive President Chief Mike Awa to members on
the 1st Anniversary of Igbere Progressive Association International
determination not only to be part of history but also to make positive contribution(s) to