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Trancript of Impromtu Speech Delivered by Chief Daniel Eke (Onwa I of
Igbere), the Chief Launcher at the Gala Nite party of IPAI Convention
2007, Held in Atlanta on September 1 - 2, 2007.

                        Chief Daniel Eke (Onwa I of Igbere)

Igbere Kwenu! Igbere Kwenu! Ezumezu! (Ebiri), Ebiri ! (Ezumezu).

What we did today means that we have started a big organization. My speech would be
delivered partly in Igbo and partly in English to enable my wife understand a little bit.

We started something very, very, very monumental today. That is, a new organization with a
task of helping our community in bettering the life of our people. This is not a small task. It
requires money. It requires resources, human, physical, emotional and financial.

I know that the President of IPAI, that we inaugurated has a lot of agenda and those agenda
must be financed. We as Igbere people must help to make that happen.

So, in order not to talk too much,  as the chief launcher, I’m pledging to help this association
to start on a good financial footing by pledging the sum of US$5,000.

Chief Daniel Eke
President, Daniel Eke and Associates
Chief Daniel Eke
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