Section 1: Names of Standing Committees

The Association shall accomplish its purposes through the following standing
A. Executive Committee

B. Finance and Fund-Raising Committee

C. Project Planning Committee

D. Membership and Outreach Committee

E. Cultural and Social Committee

Section 2: Provisional Committee

In the event that the need arises, the President of the Association shall appoint
active members of the Association to serve on special provisional committees
whose objective shall be to deal with issues that are not covered by the
standing committees indicated in Article VI, Section 1. Any provisional committee
shall function for a specified period after which it shall be dissolved.

Section 3: Appointment of Members of the Provisional Committees

It shall be the responsibility of the President of the Association to solicit for
volunteers to serve on the provisional committees after giving due consideration
to the expressed preference of active members to serve on the committee of
their choice. However, the President shall appoint all or the rest of the
committee members when the number of volunteers is not enough to constitute a
provisional committee.
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