Section 1: Admission of new members

Admission to the membership of the Association is open to all indigenous Igbere
persons who are 18 years and above as stated in ARTICLE II-A. Membership
enrollment shall be accomplished when prospective members or other members
familiar with their desire to enroll request that they be enrolled in their local
chapters and proceeded to pay their one time $50.00 (subject to change)
registration fee to IPAI of any chapter organization of their choice. The virtue of
distance or location of residence may grant admission to a prospective person
who by situation beyond his/her control has no access to a local chapter.

Section 2: Registration and Dues

There shall be an initial registration fee of $50.00 (subject to change) by all
members of IPAI, payable upon admission. Other financial contributions for the
maintenance of IPAI shall come from the members in form of annual dues of
$120 per member. The $120 dues should be payable via the member’s local
chapter. The local chapter shall in turn remit the annual dues from its
members to the International Organization (IPAI) in not more than two yearly
installments. The Executive Committee from time to time may recommend
increase or decrease of members’ annual dues and registration fees subject to
approval by a simple majority of the general members.
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