A. The election of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Publicity
Secretary, the Financial Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Parliamentarian
(Provost) shall be held biennially at the convention of the general members.

B. Voting shall be by secret ballot, and plurality of the votes shall be necessary
for the election of all officers.

C. All elected officers except Board members shall serve for a two-year term.

D. No elected officer shall serve in the same office for more than two
consecutive terms.

E. To be eligible for election and to hold office, a member must be in good
standing with respect to membership dues, must be of good moral character,
and a law abiding citizen.

F. Members of the Board of Directors shall serve a three-year term.

G. In case of a tie, another election shall be held between the tied candidates
immediately after the first election until a winner emerges.

H. The term of office of newly elected officers shall commence immediately upon
election and shall terminate after two years of service in the office.

I. An election ad-hoc committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors to
conduct all elections at the national convention of IPAI. Any contest resulting
from the election shall be referred to the Board of Directors for resolution. The
Board’s decision shall be presented to the general house for approval and
adoption. The Caretaker Committee shall appoint the first election ad-hoc
committee, and any contest resulting from this first election shall be referred to
the Caretaker Committee for resolution and its decision presented to the
general house for approval and adoption. The ad-hoc committee shall consist of
five members.
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