Section 1

a) The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) IPAI members.

b) Five of the members of the Board shall be elected by a simple majority of
members of IPAI by a secret ballot.

c) The National President of IPAI shall appoint two members of the Board.

d) Each of the appointments shall be approved by a simple majority vote of the
National Executive Committee.

Section 2

a) The Board of Directors shall elect its own Chairperson and Secretary.

b) The Executive Committee of IPAI shall have no say or interest in picking the
Board Chairperson or the Board Secretary.

c) The Board shall establish, consistent with the by-laws of IPAI, all such rules
and procedures as required to conduct its business.

Section 3

a) Board members shall serve for three years term.

b) Their term shall begin at the close of the annual general meeting at which
they were elected or appointed.

c) They may run again after two years of the end of tenure.

Section 4

a) The President of IPAI is answerable to the Board of Directors.

b) The Board shall initiate the removal or temporary suspension of the
President from the office for cause pending affirmative vote by at least two-third
majority of members in good standing at the general meeting or convention.

c) The Board shall mediate between local chapter members and their elected
officials. The Board’s interpretation of any disputed section of the IPAI
constitution is final.

d) The Board shall uphold or decline the IPAI President’s request for
suspension or removal of any member of the Executive Committee, pending
affirmative vote of the general members for the action at the general meeting.
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