The Association shall be known and addressed as IGBERE PROGRESSIVE ASSOCIATION

The purpose for which the Association is formed is as follows:

A. To promote charitable, educational and scientific activities, and to develop and operate
community-based services for Igbere people. The Association will use methods
consistent with the organization’s non-profit, charitable, educational and scientific
purpose as the directors may advise from time to time, all for the purpose of securing for
the people the same basic rights as all other citizens of the world.

B. The Association pursues the stated purpose in compliance with the following statements
of philosophy:
  1. To promote unity and solidarity among all members.
  2. To encourage and support development and progress of the community.
  3. To work towards better quality of life in Igbere and the community or residence by
    providing such amenities like healthcare, potable water, electricity, roads,
    scholarship and sports, etc.
  4. To promote mutual cooperation and respect amongst members of the Association.
  5. To promote the welfare of the members and support each other when conditions
    and events call for such support.


All members of the Association, in pursuit of the purpose stated in Article I, solemnly affirm
and declare their adherence to the following principles:
  1. The equality of all members.
  2. The right of each member to lawfully express himself/herself freely without fear of
  3. Respect for the rule of law and for the universally accepted democratic principles in
    the discourse relating to the affairs of the Association.
  4. Peaceful settlement of disputes by negotiations, mediation and reconciliation.
  5. Respect for the decisions of the Association and of its properly constituted
    governing authority.
  6. Affirmation of basic objectivity in all deliberations of the Association.
  7. The chapter organizations (including prospective new chapters) are the backbones
    of IPA International. These chapters will continue to function as independent entities
    within state laws (nation) in which they are incorporated, and they will inclusively and
    exhaustively support the efforts and activities of IPAI.
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