Date Issued:           July 23, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Re: Atlanta 2007

It has come to the attention of the IPAI caretaker committee that a certain individual
has been calling the IPAI members at their homes and disseminating completely
made-up but certainly false information to the effect that some members of the
caretaker committee are reconsidering the IPAI convention venue.

We view this latest desperate and divisive tactics demeaning and repulsive. Again,
the IPAI convention venue remains the Clarion Airport Hotel in Atlanta as currently
scheduled. We suggest that the best way to deal with this annoying maneuver
(clearly intended to continue to pressure and confuse the membership) is to
quickly dismiss, or even deny the caller your audience as a way to evade this
seemingly persistent distraction and save precious time.

The IPAI website along with the names of the individuals listed as contacts
on the site remains the only authentic source of  information and update
on the IPAI convention, and other IPAI matters.  Please feel free to contact
these individuals with any questions, or a desired point of clarity.

We also understand that this individual has been calling Clarion Hotel to obtain
information on reservations. This unauthorized behavior is really way out of line!
Although, we are not aware that anything is amiss as a result of this desperate
behavior, we advise delegates to take the extra step to obtain a confirmation
number on completion of a reservation with Clarion Hotel. This is intended as an
added safety guard against any potential misrepresentation.   The confirmation
number, unique to each reservation, will be demanded in the event of a request for
change/cancellation of previous reservation. Clarion Hotel has also been advised
to deal only with authorized representatives of IPAI.

Again, we look forward to seeing you all in Atlanta in September, and don't wait till
the last minute to make your hotel reservations at the special rate.

Yours in the service of our community,

Ugwa Ogbureke
(Chairman, IPAI Caretaker Committee)
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