Who We Are

Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.,
was formed as a non-profit organization (see About
IPAI below), with the belief that it would offer among
other things the following:

  • The opportunity for Igbere citizens in several
    parts of the world to come together in unity
    and oneness, to deliberate on the affairs,
    state, welfare and advancement of Igbere
    Ebiri community and its people.
  • The medium to begin to re-acquaint with one
    another, get to know one another and carve
    out ideas to better serve the needs of each
    other and our entire community.
  •  The forum that lead us towards the part of
    dialoging with one another to find out how we
    in Diaspora could better become major
    voices and players in the determination of
    issues, policies, politics, traditional and
    communal affairs of our village – Igbere,
    through our elected representatives.
War Dance Troupe (Ikperikpe ogu): A core tradition of Igbere
War Dance Troupe (Ikperikpe ogu)
(one of the cultural symbols of Igbere)
Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
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Ohuwa Women Dance (Traditional women dance of Igbere)
Oby Igu leading the procession of Ohuwa Women Dance of Igbere, during IPAI Convention 2007 in Atlanta.

The purpose for which the Association is
formed is as follows:

(A). To promote charitable, educational and
scientific activities, and to  develop and operate
community-based services for Igbere people.
The Association will use methods consistent
with the organization’s non-profit, charitable,
educational and scientific purpose as the
directors may advise from time to time, all for the
purpose of securing for the people the same
basic rights as all other citizens of the world.
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(Chief Technology Officer)
Dosersis, USA, and Solak Information Systems, Nigeria.
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Igbere is a city in the Bende Local Government of Abia State, in the South-Eastern region of Nigeria.
Igbere is part of the Old-Bende Division of the former Eastern Nigeria.

Organizational Type

IPAI is a non-profit organization incorporated in USA and exempted from Federal Income Tax under
section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Contributions to IPAI are deductible under section 170 of the Code. IPAI also qualified to receive tax
deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.

IPAI is a Public Charity Organization.    
SECTION 501 (C) (3).   

(B). The Association pursues the stated purpose in compliance with the following statements of
  1. To promote unity and solidarity among all members.
  2. To encourage and support development and progress of the community.
  3. To work towards better quality of life in Igbere and the community or residence by providing such
    amenities like healthcare, potable water, electricity, roads, scholarship and sports.
  4. To promote mutual cooperation, respect and unity amongst members of the Association.
  5. To promote the welfare of the members and support each other when conditions and events
    call for such support.
IPAI Convention 2013
Making a Difference
Clan Rulers
Chapter Event
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Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc.
IPAI logo
Getting to Know IPAI
By Ukaegbu Ukaegbu

Historical Perspective
Igbere Progressive Association International Inc.
(IPAI) is an organization of Igbere citizens in
Diaspora by Igbere people and for Igbere
Community. This organization was formed when
Igbere citizens’ resident abroad (outside Nigeria)
held a general meeting at Houston, Texas, USA;
on September 3, 2005. Delegates at the general
meeting were from .............

After the decision to form an international
organization was made, the delegates proceeded
with discussions on the official name.
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